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What is Voice Search Optimisation and Why is it Important?

Ever heard of voice search optimisation? Neither had I until I was tasked to research a topic of interest and write this microblog. Every month I try to learn something new and came across voice optimisation during some light SEO reading earlier this year.

Voice Search Optimization, or voice SEO, is the optimisation of content on your website for voice search. Think of your digital assistants now built into your smartphone, smart appliances and smart speakers, like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri to name a few. According to data from Think with Google, 27% of the global online population uses voice search on their mobile devices.

You must be thinking, what is the difference between normal text search and voice search? Quite a lot actually. Voice searchers tend to use natural language as though they are speaking to someone and often phrase their search in the form of a question. Interestingly, the average length of a voice search is around 29 words long.

Text search is generally short and to the point, using fewer search words. The search engines tend to offer more results to choose from, too. A good way to explain the difference would be an example of ordering pizza. You might type “pizza near me”, on your mobile phone, but when using voice search you would likely phrase this as a question “what is the closest pizza restaurant near me?”.

voice search on smartphone

So, how do we optimise for voice search? Your SEO professional needs to take into account natural language in the way a user would phrase a question and then give an answer. One of the ways in which to do this is to provide rich, contextual content in the form of a blog post where you can pose a question and then give relevant information on how you can solve this problem. The other is to ensure that you have a frequently answered questions (FAQ) page on your website.

SEO is an ever-evolving, ever-surprising and complex strategy. For all your Online Marketing Business needs, get in touch with our team today and we’d be happy to put an SEO action plan in place.

Originally posted 2022-06-08 08:27:59.

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