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In 2009 Strategic Online Marketing Services started as a one-man digital marketing business with a core focus on providing any website with SEO services that were ethical, measurable, transparent and provided a ROI.

Today that business is a multi-service top digital marketing agency called SOMS Digital, with offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom, offering more than just SEO Services.
This website is dedicated to our core SEO Service offering, which we hope you find engaging, informative and a catalyst to working with SOMS Digital.
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What is SEO?



Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), is a form of digital marketing that makes use of specialist techniques to optimise a website’s structure, content, and code so your website is more relevant for users searching for your business on search engines like Google and Bing. This, in turn, helps your website gain valuable search engine rankings and visibility so more users can find your business and services within these free, organic search results.


SEO Services

Why your business
needs SEO services?

A well SEO’d website will get higher rankings on the search engines and are considered more trustworthy than sites that only advertise.

The great thing about SEO is that your prospective customers are already looking for a product or service like yours. By getting your company to rank higher on search engines, these customers will likely find your website and lead to a potential sale.

Considering only 7% of Google searchers will ever see the third page of search results, it should be your goal to be in the top results.
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How long does SEO take?

Keep in mind that you don’t go from zero to hero overnight and that SEO is a long-term digital strategy. It’s a steady, consistent climb to the top that takes plenty of nurturing and fine-tuning. You can expect to see results within 3 to 6 months; however, we regularly see results within the first two months.
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Why our seo services?

So, you’ve already done your research, know what SEO is and spent some time researching different SEO Companies but you are not sure how to decide which company to work with. Here are some of the benefits of working with us.
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SEO techniques we cover

In short, we cover all of them, keeping in mind that there are more than 300 techniques that contribute to a well SEO’d website. Here are some of the tasks that you can expect to be carried out:
  • Content Modifications
  • Image Optimisation
  • Website Speed Modifications
  • Internal Linking Modifications
  • Website Structure Edits
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Code Modifications
  • Metadata Edits
  • Schema Modifications
  • Search Intent Research & Modifications
  • Custom Monthly Report
  • Video Optimisation
  • Google my Business

Countries & Cities our
Clients are in

Our SEO Services have helped businesses all over the world and you may
know a few of them.
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • Namibia
  • Senegal
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • UAE
  • Netherlands
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Zimbabwe
  • Dubai
  • New York
  • London
  • Johannesburg
  • Windhoek
  • Cape Town
  • Toronto
  • Santa Teresa
  • Durban
  • Wellington
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Sydney
  • Sandton
  • George
  • Pretoria
  • Tokyo
  • Harare
  • Winchester
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Over the years SOMS Digital has worked with many businesses in different industries & categories, some include:
  • Hospitality & Accommodation
  • Beauty & Lifestyle
  • Jewellery & Luxury Living
  • Property Rentals & Sales
  • Education & Schooling
  • Children’s Clothing & Toys
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Security
  • Virtual Reality
  • Plumbing & Electrical Services
  • Software Sales
  • Accounting Services


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Why choose OUR SEO Service?

  • All businesses get 100% of the service we offer, so no tiered packages where techniques are excluded or added depending on what you pay.
  • We have been helping our clients reach their marketing goals for more than 13 years.
  • 30-day cancellation notice period, with no cancellation fee.
  • Our all-in-one marketing solution ensures your brand’s message is consistent and effective across all digital platforms.
  • We use 3rd party website reporting software which means there’s no room for human-error or manipulation.
  • We share access to all online account details and information so that you always have peace of mind that your digital properties remain yours.
  • We provide detailed monthly reports.
  • We specialise in all aspects of digital marketing and can implement any combination of marketing techniques.
  • We do not work on competing businesses.
  • We practice only ethical marketing techniques.
  • Fast responses to queries and emails.
  • Excellent, friendly customer service.
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  • Average client conversion rate 8%
  • Average new client conversion rate increase 106%
  • Average Organic Traffic Increase 45%
  • Highest client conversion rate 29%
  • Highest client conversion rate increase to previous period 437%
  • Highest organic traffic increase to previous period 322%
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  1. Get in touch
  2. We’ll send you your pretty proposal
  3. Once approved, a little paperwork follows
  4. Your SEO Service begins
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If you’d like to chat about your SEO strategy, have questions or would like to enquire about our SEO packages, email or call +27115687419 or complete the form and we’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours, unless it’s the weekend!

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