how to optimise website for mobile

How To Keep Mobile In Mind

Did you know that 84% of the world’s population owns a smartphone? This amount exceeds the number of people own desktops or laptops, demonstrating just why your business should keep mobile in mind when designing your website and creating content.

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly can mean the difference between getting a sale or having a potential customer choose a different website.

Here’s how to keep mobile in mind:

Invest in Responsive Web Design

No one enjoys fiddling with their mobile screen to view the content on your website. Having a responsive web design for your site ensures users don’t have to pinch or zoom in, as it automatically fits the screen and clearly displays information.

Think About The User Journey

Your mobile-friendly website looks amazing, but this doesn’t mean much if you haven’t considered the user journey. Whether it’s booking an appointment or purchasing skincare products, customers want to do it on whichever device they have available, and they want it to be as convenient as possible. Understanding the lives, wants, and needs of your potential customers is vital to achieving the sale or getting them to stay on your website. For example, a landing page may not necessarily work on mobile, but a convenient mobile-friendly booking app is a great way to get the booking.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when optimising your site for mobile:

  • Use Google’s mobile-friendly tool, it’s always a winner
  • Use responsive themes or plugins
  • Test your website on different devices
  • Find ways to improve your site’s loading times. Optimising images is a first step.
  • Optimise forms or pop-ups for mobile 

There are endless advantages to ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, but if you’re not sure how to dive into the world of mobile, SOMS Digital Agency is here to help! Speak to one of our incredible team members, and let’s get started!

Originally posted 2023-02-16 09:42:37.

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