4 Ways To Prepare Your Business Survive Black Friday

4 Ways To Prepare Your Business Survive Black Friday

2022 Was a big year for businesses looking to take advantage of Black Friday. FNB reported that customers spent an incredible R3 billion last year on Black Friday alone, seeing an impressive growth rate of 18% from the previous year. The increase has managed to cultivate a competitive atmosphere amongst businesses, and there is immense pressure for brands to grab a slice of the pie while exceeding customer expectations.

So, how do you take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday while standing out from the crowd? Here are a few quick tips to help prepare your businesses for this unofficial “holiday.”

Start Early

The “early bird catches the worm” is a phrase that applies to Black Friday. A successful Black Friday or Cyber Monday begins with a carefully thought-out plan that’s created ahead of time. This allows you to stay on top of trends while also teasing the event and creating hype around the deals you will be offering. Preparation is also the key! This ensures you’re not overwhelmed with the endless task list associated with running a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special.

Social Media is Your Friend

There’s no point in creating an incredible Black Friday campaign if no one is paying attention to it. Consider all your social media platforms and determine which platform your customers spend the most time on, allowing you to create a bigger impact for your business. Social media is also a great tool if you’re looking to build anticipation through teasers, sneak peeks and so much more. Additionally, your selected platform enables direct interaction with your audience which provides you with the opportunity to answer questions, engage in conversations and respond in comments, allowing you to create a buzz around the anticipated event.

Focus on Search Engine Optimisation

Creating an effective SEO Strategy should be a priority throughout the year as it helps bring in customers organically. We know that optimising your website is a crucial component that you implement throughout the year, but there’s nothing wrong with scrutinising your strategy during this time and improving on existing landing pages and product pages. You don’t have to rework your entire strategy, but updating content on product pages can help make a big difference.

Improve Your Website Speed

Did you know that the average attention span for internet users has decreased by 30% in the last 15 years? According to various studies, people can now only focus for about 8.25 seconds before moving on. We’ve all heard the stories of websites crashing due to an excessive influx of users to a website on Black Friday, and buyers are certainly not going to stick around until you’ve fixed the problem. Therefore, it’s important your website and speed are equipped to handle the volume of users because the faster your site loads, the more likely you are to make sales.

Offer Incredible Deals

While all of the above points are important, there’s nothing more crucial to implementing a successful Black Friday campaign than offering deals your customers will love. A great way to take advantage of the shopping buzz is by offering massive price reductions, bundle deals or competitive prices that will entice shoppers.

Black Friday is a wonderful time to retain and impress your current customer base while also enticing potential customers to enjoy what your brand has to offer. When done right, this unofficial holiday has massive rewards that go beyond monetary value.

While no plan is perfect, we hope that the above tips will help you reap the rewards of Black Friday!

Originally posted 2023-11-21 10:04:57.

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