Tips To Help You Transition To Google Analytics 4

6 Tips To Help You Seamlessly Transition To GA4

In 2022, Google announced it would be saying goodbye to the standard version of Universal Analytics (UA) on 1 July 2023. As the internet continues to evolve and privacy laws are considered, Google believes this version of its Web Analytics tool can no longer support the growing demands of businesses. Therefore, the introduction of Google Analytics 4 is a new and powerful tool “designed for the future of measurement,” providing a more robust version of its predecessor.

Privacy controls such as cookie measurements, data collection across websites and apps, and machine learning are just a few of the powerful new features users can play around with come July. Thankfully, marketers and businesses will still have the chance to see historical data from Universal Analytics for another six months following the release. However, all your site’s data will be processed through GA4 when 1 July rolls around. Migration to the new platform is essential but complicated, so ensuring you don’t leave the switch to the last minute is crucial.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Google Analytics 4, check out our blog post.

To help you prepare for this change, we’ve created a few tips to ensure the transition is a smooth one:

Tip #1: Audit Your Data

In preparation for the switch to Google Analytics 4, it’s vital you assess your Universal Analytics account. This is a big step and ensures no information gets lost during the transition. It’s helpful to make a list of metrics you track in UA  and can be any information you analyse on a regular basis. This list will help you save time trying to figure out which events you need to track in GA4 and will make things a little easier when setting up new events.

Tip #2: Compare Your GA4 and UA Marketing Goals

Remember that the two platforms are vastly different regarding data collection, metrics measurement, and return on investment calculation, making it a little tricker for you to directly compare the two platforms’ information. Therefore, a helpful tip is to wait a month for GA4 to compile and measure data before you compare the two. This may help you to better understand the data differences between the platforms, so you have a better understanding of how to track your goals using GA4.

Tip #3: Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute

As previously mentioned, the migration process can be tricky, so ensuring you make the switch ahead of time is imperative. This step also allows you to take advantage of Google’s parallel tracking. This will enable you to collect data in GA4 and UA simultaneously, providing you with the opportunity to create a stockpile of historical data. With this at your disposal, you can cross-reference the data sources, which enables you to determine if everything is tracking correctly on GA4.

Tip #4: Go Beyond Your Website’s Analytics

One of the many features of Google Analytics 4 is the ability to map out the user journey, which will help you understand how users engage with your content, making it easier to determine how to convert them. To take full advantage of this new platform, you need to look beyond simply analysing your website’s analytics. Social media and ad tracking are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the latest features at your marketing disposal, so take advantage of them!

Tip # 5: Don’t Worry If You Bump Your Head

GA4 is a comprehensive analytics tool with countless valuable features you’ll need to learn. The switch will be a learning curve for all involved, so don’t be afraid to bump your head every now and again. This is another reason making the switch ahead of time is critical, as it allows you to learn the new platform before using it full-time. While getting to know the new features will take time and collaboration, the benefits far outweigh the challenges you will face during this learning period.

Tip #6: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

With so many things to keep in mind when switching to GA4, the transition can be daunting. Having to learn a new platform that offers completely new features while avoiding any setup mistakes is enough to make anyone pull out their hair. At SOMS Digital Agency, we are committed to ensuring the transition to Google Analytics 4 is as smooth as possible for our clients. We work alongside you to tailor your account and goal strategy to your needs, ensuring your business reaps the rewards of the new system.

With the sunsetting of Universal Analytics just around the corner, speak to us about making the transition to Google Analytics as seamless as possible.

Originally posted 2023-06-05 12:01:38.

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