Google Analytics 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Google Analytics 4: Frequently Asked Questions

After months of preparation and a few tears from digital marketers, Google officially said goodbye to Universal Analytics on 1 July 2023. A new web analytics era is on the horizon, with Google’s latest powerful analytics platform, Google Analytics 4, taking centre stage.

Change is scary, and the transition has not been easy for many marketers who have gone through the process kicking and screaming. But don’t worry! Google promises that GA4 is worth the fuss. The new platform was built to meet the evolving measurement standards and privacy laws, providing businesses with a web analytics tool to help them succeed.

Expect a ton more data and customisable features that will allow your business to navigate the evolving digital landscape. While there are certainly benefits to GA4, there are also questions.

To help put your mind at ease, we’re answering frequently asked questions about Google Analytics 4:

What’s the biggest difference between GA4 and Universal Analytics?

There is a big difference between how the two platforms measure and model data. For example, Universal Analytics tracked user interactions via page views, but this left gaps in the data. However, GA4 will close this gap by tracking each interaction made by users. You can also turn tracking on independent sessions on and off. This feature will be bolstered by GA4’s machine learning which can help predict the actions users might take in the future. This will allow you to determine how to better convert potential customers.

Can I still access historical data from UA?

Yes! You will be able to access historical data in your universal properties for around six months. This will allow you to compare data collected from both platforms.

How does GA4 collect data compared to UA?

According to Google, UA counts only one conversion per session for the same goal. GA4 counts multiple conversions per session for the same conversion event.

Can I track the same goals and conversion data in GA4?

Yes! You’ll be able to track the same goals and conversion data in GA4. However, you will need to step this up with the new platform. Taking a look at your historical data from UA will help you determine which goal conversions are relevant to your business.

Will existing Data Studios reports linked to UA be linked to GA4?

You will need to change the data source to your new GA4 property, but this is a fairly simple process. However, you will need to update every dashboard element due to the different data structures.

Final Thoughts

The switch to Google Analytics 4 is daunting, but this upgraded version of Google’s Web Analytics Tool was developed to ensure your business succeeds in the Digital Age. SOMS Digital Agency is committed to ensuring our clients enjoy a smooth transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. To help you along, we’ve created a number of useful blog posts to ensure the switch is a little less bumpy.


Whether you’re curious about Google Analytics 4 or you’re looking to bolster your SEO Strategy, speak to us today!

Originally posted 2023-07-04 10:54:01.

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