remote working

Remote Working Tips

Take it from a Digital Marketing Company that has been successfully working remotely for the past 12 years, here are some of our top tips that have helped our team stay connected and productive.

remote working

1. Work station

Now, there is a debate between working from bed and working from a desk and all we can say is that self awareness is important and you should know yourself. Yes, Gen Z, we are talking to you.

Having a dedicated workstation allows you to step into work mode and also teaches you that once you get up from the desk at 17h00, work stays there and as you move to a different room to watch the 2.5 hour season finale of Stranger Things 4, there is a mental shift and you should no longer be in work mode. You are now a part of the Piggyback ride. We have found that this allows our team members to work more efficiently during working hours.

2. Team morale

We have seen the infamous TikTok videos of returning back to work and forgetting that you are in-person and getting caught for rolling your eyes at your colleagues. Is this you? You might be in the wrong place.

Working remotely does leave room for staff members to fall into the trap of working independently and this is why management at SOMS Digital encourages weekly team meetings to debrief, discuss strategy & suggestions for clients, and hosting monthly team games which reminds us the value that comes from working as a team.

3. Boundaries

A topic that is not merely discussed enough in the workplace. Our core value is to help our clients reach their goals which comes with the responsibility of actively doing this without having to choose between our work and our personal lives. We are a better agency because of this.

Our working hours are devoted to our clients and ensuring that we are available. The boundary comes in learning when to switch off work mode and switch to family time. It is always important to remember that your mental health filters through from your personal life to your work life.

Here are a few tips to improve your mental health which will help you create boundaries in the workplace.

4. Plan your daily schedule

We have found that using a time-block planner has allowed us to work more efficiently. We know that between certain hours of the day we have allocated time to complete specific tasks. We rely on using our Project Relationship System to keep track of all work related requests. A golden thumb rule at SOMS Digital is that if it is not loaded on the CMS, it probably does not exist.



Originally posted 2022-07-14 08:36:17.

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