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6 Great Ways Your Business can Earn Social Proof

They say trust is hard to come by, which is certainly the case when attempting to build a good relationship with customers.

No matter how good your product or service is, if a trusted source gives it the dreaded thumbs down, you’re losing out on a sale. In fact, 83% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase based on recommendations from friends or family.

Simply put, consumers are looking for proof from people around them on whether a product or service is as good as a business says. Therefore, harnessing the power of this marketing tactic can offer huge potential for growth.

But trust needs to be earned. So, how do you get people to trust, value and make that final purchase?

Here are a few ways you can include social proof in your digital marketing strategy:

1. Use your biggest resource – Customers

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. If social proof is all about customers listening to what others have to say about your business, then why not use this to your advantage?

The key is to get your audience to promote your brand and get your message to an even larger audience. Create a campaign that gets people excited to share what you have to say, show appreciation for mentions, or create incentives for their endorsement of the brand.

2. Engage with your audience


There’s no denying the importance of having an extensive digital footprint. Whether it’s social media, blog posts, or weekly newsletters, the more visible your business is, the better. However, it’s not enough to simply write a Facebook post and send it out into the digital abyss and hope for the best.

Engage with social media comments, answer questions and provide helpful resources where possible. This allows your audience to see that you know exactly what you’re talking about, which will help build a solid and trusted relationship. Sincere and prompt responses (even on those negative reviews) will help you win the hearts of your customers.

3. Customers trust other customers


Did you know that 93% of potential buyers read online reviews before making a purchase? Essentially, one in three individuals will make a purchase based on the endorsement of a previous customer – that’s a huge number. Online reviews are important, but how do you ensure a customer leaves honest feedback on your website or page?

Whether it’s getting 10% off their next purchase for leaving a review or simply asking them directly, incentivising a request for feedback is a great way to build social proof and get the online reviews rolling in.

4. Presentation matters


What’s the saying? Dress for the job you want, or in this case, the customer you want to attract and keep. It only takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression when meeting someone, and it’s no different with websites.

How your website looks can be the difference between whether a customer stays or leaves. It’s also a vital component in building trust with potential customers, as a poorly presented website can leave people feeling uneasy and ready to click away. Have a look around and see what your competitors are doing, but aim to improve on what you see. Graphics, design and online imagery are all aspects that will ensure a customer clicks through.

5. Collaborate with experts in your industry


Teamwork makes the dream work! Collaborating with experts in your industry that do not directly compete with you can be a great way to build social proof and increase traffic. This mutually beneficial arrangement can be a guest post, joint event, or co-hosted webinar, anything that will connect your business with an audience you would not have had access to before. It also adds an extra stamp of credibility as customers are connecting to your business through a company they already trust.

6. Be real


Humans make connections, not businesses. If you want to attract customers and build trust, nothing beats the human factor. Include authentic testimonials on your website, as people always feel more comfortable connecting with another person.

There are countless methods to harness the power of social proof, which will help you pack a killer marketing punch. We hope these tips and tricks will help get the cogs in your creative brain turning, but if not, our Digital Agency is ready to help you get started.

Originally posted 2022-11-04 08:00:53.

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