6 Reasons to Choose a Small Digital Agency

6 Reasons to Choose a Small Digital Agency

Chances are, you already know that your company needs a digital presence, and you’ve realised that looking into Agencies for Digital Marketing is the best way to go. But contrary to popular opinion, bigger isn’t always better. While there is no right or wrong size for a digital agency, there are so many great benefits to working with a smaller, boutique company that is able to prioritise your needs and personalise their offering. Here are six of the top advantages.

1. More attention 
2. Faster turnaround time
3. Accountability
4. Multi-talented 
5. Cost effective
6. Flexibility

1. More attention

It’s true what they say: too many cooks spoil the broth. Big agencies have hundreds of clients, which often forces team members to do the minimum for each one because they simply have too much on their plate. With so much going on simultaneously across a wide spectrum of campaigns and projects, it’s likely that it’s difficult to have someone to provide support at short notice.

A smaller agency, on the other hand, does not adopt a factory-based mentality, and has fewer clients. This means they are able to provide special attention, “hand holding” and dedicated support to each one of their clients.

Team members are more accessible and fully engaged with the process from start to finish, enabling them to really hone in on projects and provide much-needed details for each campaign. With less people in the room, your voice can truly be heard and your needs listened to.

2. Faster turnaround times

Small digital agencies can deliver projects at a significantly faster pace because they have less clients and focus on fewer projects at a time. Boutique agencies also have less red tape to get through such as long chains of communication and processes, making it much easier to be flexible and accommodate shifting demands and fast-turnaround projects at short notice.

3. Accountability & ownership

You know the saying – too many cooks spoil the broth. In big teams, there tends to be a lack of accountability. Everyone is just completing their “piece of the puzzle” before moving onto the next project. With small agencies, there is more autonomy and ownership over work, which results in more nurturing and personal responsibility for the project’s success.

4. Multi talented individuals

In big agencies, you get a person for every individual task. This can lead to stagnation, and a reluctance to step outside of their comfort zone because it might fall outside of their scope of work. And while there’s certainly strength in numbers, this can dilute the overall effectiveness of your campaigns and can sometimes cause it to become disjointed.

In smaller agencies, there are less people, which means that a person’s contribution matters ten times as much. They often have to learn the ropes of more than what their job description entails, and as a result, they’re multidimensional, innovative and resilient. 

This also gives them a better, more holistic view of your projects. For example, a copywriter in a big agency may simply write the blog post and then send it on to another team member to upload. In a smaller agency, however, one person may be responsible for everything from start to finish: write, upload, and optimise for SEO with things like internal linking, bolding, and a suitable SEO title and meta description.

5. More cost effective

Many believe that you get what you pay for. So, a bigger agency that charges more means that you’ll get better quality work, right? Well, not quite. Bigger agencies charge more because they have a lot more overheads to maintain compared to a smaller agency, and not necessarily for better quality work. They also tend to only focus on the big accounts, because these are the ones that bring in the big bucks. If you’re a small or medium size agency, chances are you’ll be a little fish in a big pond, even though you’re paying a premium rate.

One of the greatest strengths of a smaller agency is efficiency, resulting in better quality work delivered and more bang for your buck. Small agencies are also able to customise their packages and solutions to give you a tailored digital strategy that fits your budget.

6. Flexibility

One of the biggest disadvantages from working with big agencies is the company politics and bureaucracy, which can be the enemy of creativity. The smallest campaign can sometimes mean jumping through endless hoops that takes weeks to complete at an additional cost. Ugh, talk about frustrating!

Small agencies have an ability to pivot more quickly and easily because they simply don’t have the same pain of box-ticking and politics to wade through. It’s so much easier for them to react to changes more easily and quickly, which let’s face it, is crucial in today’s fast-moving digital world.

Last words

There are many advantages to working with both large and small agencies, depending on what your business needs. However, at SOMS Digital, we believe that great things come in small packages, and that you can receive incredible results for an affordable budget.

As a team of nine highly experienced, hungry collaborators, dreamers and passionate professionals, we’re proof that small agencies CAN do it all, and do it well for every single one of our clients, big and small.

Contact us today to chat about what our team can bring to the table and help grow your business from strength to strength.

Originally posted 2022-07-06 09:20:48.

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