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Internal and External Links: Why it’s important?

In order for your content to rank, you need links. External links help search engines find your posts and pages, while internal links tell Google which pages are important on your website. Here’s why it’s important:

What is external linking?

An external link is a hyperlink or backlink that points to another domain. For example, if a link on a blog redirects users to a different blog, this is considered external linking. This form of linking actually has a greater impact on SEO rankings than internal linking, as it improves a website’s credibility, provides readers with references, and ultimately boosts your site’s credibility.

What is internal linking?

Internal links are any links that point from one page to another page on your website, and is a great way for search engines and users to find relevant content on your website. If you don’t use links, search engines can’t find the content on your website, so internal linking shows which pages are important and ensures your site is ranked accordingly.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using external and internal links:

DO: Link old to new posts

The common mistake many people make is linking new posts to old ones, but this can cause problems when search engines rank your site. The key is to switch things around and link older posts to newer ones. This creates a nice flow and helps ensure your new posts rank better.

DON’T: Go link crazy

While links are important, it’s also vital that you’re not going overboard with your internal links. Repeatedly linking to one page on your site is also a no-no, along with adding a link every couple of sentences, as this will only contribute to pushing your ranking down. If you’ve created content that can link to a few relevant pages – go for it.

DO: Link to reputable websites

You want to gain and keep your reader’s trust. The only way to do this is by linking back to reputable websites. If you’re linking to websites that are known for their clickbait content or don’t seem professional, it will not only decrease the trust your readers have in your site but will also negatively impact your search engine ranking.

DON’T: Link to competitors

This may be a no-brainer, but ensure you’re not linking to websites competing for the same keywords as your business. Your links need to point to websites that add value to your content and users.

The bottom line? External and internal linking can help boost your SEO, and with a great Company in Digital Marketing by your side to help you create a Digital Marketing Strategy, you can get your website ranking in no time!

Originally posted 2022-11-03 15:00:46.

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