hybrid working tips

Hybrid Working Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic created a shift in more ways than one, with work-life balance being the buzzword to come from this tumultuous time. Surveys conducted across the world indicate that employees are more than happy to work from home, with more and more workers quitting their jobs to pursue this new way of life.

While remote working certainly has its perks, extroverts may find themselves pulling out their hair when faced with the prospect of not having any physical interaction with their colleagues. Hybrid working provides more flexibility for those looking to have the best of both worlds, with countless employees stating that it offers a great way to remain motivating and productive when working.

While there are endless advantages to implementing a hybrid work structure, there are also a few challenges. Communication, connection, motivation and productivity have all been recognised as a few of the obstacles that employees face when diving into the world of hybrid working, but how can this be solved?

Here are a few quick hybrid working tips:

1. Plan

Working from home can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a plan in place. Research indicates that employees often figure out what they need to work on when they head into the office, but this isn’t always the case when you’re working remotely. Whether it’s the day before or the morning of, make sure you create a list of tasks you have to complete for the day. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of ticking your tasks off your checklist.

2. Create a Balance

When it comes to remote working, a big challenge that individuals face is the blurring of boundaries between home and work life. A great way to create a clear boundary between work and your home life is to create a dedicated workspace and to ensure that you would similarly conduct yourself as you would if you were in the workplace. Get out of your PJs, take your lunch break and avoid working in bed – no matter how tempting it may be on a rainy day. When your work day ends, ensure you step away from the computer and ask yourself: “how am I feeling?” Boundaries are pointless if you forget about them and do not do some self-reflection.

3. Communicate

Fine-tuning your communication skills is a great way to relieve stress and collaborate effectively with your fellow team members. Whether you’re in the office or at home, it’s important to clearly articulate to your team and actively listen too! Communicating your schedule and availability or learning how to draft an e-mail that effectively communicates what’s needed. Communication is key when it comes to hybrid working!

4. Don’t Forget Self-Care!

More employers are finding value in creating a work environment that promotes a work-life balance. While your employer may be considering your well-being, it can prove ineffective if you’re not doing the same. Indulge in self-care by scheduling activities that bring you joy. This can be anything from going to the gym before work, going for a walk during lunchtime or stepping away from the computer for a few minutes. Working from home can sometimes be lonely work, so ensure you maintain those social connections – not just when you’re in the office.

We hope these hybrid working tips have been helpful in making sure you enjoy your time in and outside the office. For more useful tips on social media management, digital marketing strategies and more, stay updated via the SOMS Digital Agency blog.

Originally posted 2023-03-01 15:28:18.

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