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Is It Time For a Rebrand?

We’ve all heard the saying: “Never judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to your business, expect everyone to whip out their metaphorical microscopes. Your company’s logo, distinct visual design, mission and representation on social media and beyond are all aspects that come together to form your company’s brand identity.

This “identity” is crucial to ensure you make an excellent first impression on your target audience and helps set you apart from your competitors. It also provides customers with a blueprint of what they can expect from your company.

With your brand playing such a pivotal role in your business, is it really a good idea to rebrand? Finding the answer to that question is not always easy. Whether big or small, young or old, all brands are susceptible to the pressures of our evolving world.

For example, in 2022, the beloved doughnut brand, Dunkin’ Donuts, underwent a massive rebrand. The change saw the company drop its last name, “Donuts,” opting for a modern version that resonated with its customers. The logo, packaging design, store remodels, and brand messaging via their advertising and marketing channels were all switched up to align with the company’s modernised experience and look.

While this is a great example of a successful rebrand, it’s a process that should never be done on a whim. Careful consideration needs to be given, along with a deep dive into how a refreshed look may serve your business and customers in the long run.

Here are five signs it may be time to rebrand:

Your Image Is Outdated

Back in the 2000s, wearing denim on denim was the coolest fashion trend out there. However, times have changed and wearing more than one piece of denim is a no-no. This applies to your brand too. Design trends are always changing, and what worked a decade ago won’t necessarily work now. Fonts, colours and shapes that seemed trendy at the time may not be relevant today. When this happens, your brand may not need a complete makeover, but a small “facelift.” Updating your brand voice to suit the modern era is also a great way to remain relevant.

Your Demographics Have Changed

A huge benefit that comes with a growing brand is a change in demographics. Perhaps you’ve noticed that while your target audience is middle-aged women, your business seems to appeal to teenage girls. When this happens, it’s helpful to reevaluate your current branding to see how you can better serve your new demographic. This is also a great idea when expanding your brand’s reach. Make sure you review your current messaging and image to see if it suits your target demographic.

You’re Not Standing Out

When your brand slowly starts looking like every other brand in your industry, it may be time for a rebrand. Branding is all about standing out from the crowd and giving your company a competitive edge, but if customers are unable to tell the difference between you and a competitor when making a purchase… you have a problem.

Your Vision Has Changed

When your business model or strategy changes, it’s time to rebrand. Evolving trends can change how your business operates and can be one of the many reasons you consider tweaking a few things. A great example is the change in the way people view the environment. Ensuring your business meets the current environmentally friendly standards can be a great reason to review your company’s values, mission and identity.

The Takeaway

Is it time to rebrand? It’s a question that every company will need to ask and is a natural question for any growing business. However, it’s something that you may figure out immediately, but following the signs above may lead the way!

If you’re ready for a fresh coat of paint, SOMS Digital Agency can help you switch things up. Speak to our professional team to find out how we can help you get started.

Originally posted 2023-04-11 15:32:59.

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