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How TikTok Can Benefit Your Business

TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social media apps right now, with upwards of one billion active users using the video-sharing platform. It’s all anyone can talk about these days, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

TikTok’s ascension to social media app royalty is largely due to its unique format, sense of community and creative features. Users love the platform because it’s content that is created by “common folk” for “common folk,” with a distinct algorithm that makes it incredibly easy for videos to go viral.

The platform is more than just silly dances and challenges, and brands cannot ignore the power that video marketing can have on their businesses in 2023. Video marketing is quickly becoming the go-to for digital marketers, with a study conducted by NogenTech concluding that 91% of marketers use video content in 2023. Accessible, shareable and built-in value are just a few reasons video marketing should be a top priority for businesses.

Here are a few quick benefits TikTok can provide your business:

Grow Your Brand Awareness

TikTok can provide a boost in brand awareness. It’s a great space for brands to take advantage of the billions that scroll across the platform every day, reaching people you would not have previously been able to reach without ads. Hashtags and hopping on trends are just a few ways your videos can gain traction on the platform. However, it’s best to not hop on every popular trend or challenge, making sure to tailor your content to your specific brand.

Jumping on User-generated Content

TikTok’s “stitch” or “duet” feature allows users to repurpose content published by other creators. This enables brands to leverage the popularity of a “stitch,” reaching larger audiences at a fraction of the cost. For example, Netflix launched their#WhatsYourPower campaign to drum up TikTok engagement with a branded filter effect that showed users their superpowers. Alternatively, Laura Mercier promoted their products by launching a challenge called #ReadySetGo, which allowed TikTok users to show off their transformations using Laura Mercier Products.

An Authentic Space

TikTok provides a space for users to show off their creativity, and brands can do the same. The platform is a great space for businesses looking to engage with their target market in an authentic way by providing engaging content that’s fun for everyone, including you! TikTok allows you to build a community, boosting brand trust and loyalty through video content that relates to your customers.

TikTok For The Win!

TikTok has slowly solidified its place in pop culture history, and brands should not miss out on the benefits that this platform can provide. The platform’s interactive nature makes it easy for brands to reach larger audiences, showing off their products and services in a unique way. When you keep things simple and authentic, you’re guaranteed to see your business flourish.

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Originally posted 2023-07-28 15:37:06.

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