How To Find Blog Content Ideas

How To Find Blog Content Ideas

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, content is the beating heart that fuels engagement, builds relationships, and drives results. Yet, every business and writer has faced one common enemy: how to consistently conjure fresh, captivating content ideas that resonate with their target audience.

If you’re struggling to overcome the challenge of finding good content ideas, don’t worry! Here are a few tricks to finding your next big content idea:

Social Media Hashtags

Including hashtags on your social media posts are a great way to reach new users and generate content ideas. Stay on top of industry trends and news by following relevant and popular hashtags to gain access to articles and any questions your potential audience may be asking. Social media hashtags are an excellent way to generate content ideas and, in turn, use these relevant hashtags on your own posts.

Social Media: Feeds and Comments

Social media truly is a gold mine when finding content ideas, and your feed and the comments section are excellent places to start digging. Make sure you’re following relevant influencers in your industry before checking out the comments section. Find out what your potential audience is asking and try and answer this with meaningful content.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool for checking keyword performance and measuring search traffic, but it can also be a great place to find content ideas. It shows the phrases with the most clicks and impressions, which allows you to see what your audience is searching for when they find your website. This tool also allows you to find potential keywords that you can use for any future content ideas.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is similar to Google Search Console and is another great place to help you determine what your audience is searching for. Analytics reviews your top–performing web pages, providing insight into what topics resonate most with your audience. For example, if you have a plumbing business and users are searching for “blocked drains,” creating content around this topic will not only help you become an industry expert but could improve your search rankings on SERPs.

Google Related Search Terms

When you run a Google search for a specific phrase, for example, “skincare,” you’ll notice several related search terms. This is a treasure trove for writers looking to create content relevant to their audience. It’s also a great way to answer what you’re audience is possibly searching for.

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