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Is Brand Voice and Tone Important?

When developing the foundations for your brand, we often place the visual elements above the rest. The logo design, fonts and colours are usually the first to get done, with brand voice and tone falling through the cracks. However, your brand’s voice and tone are crucial elements that form the foundation of your business and should never be overlooked.

In our digital world, potential customers want to feel as though they can relate to your business on a human level. Therefore, communication is key and your brand tone and voice can help you build an invaluable relationship with your audience.

Brand tone and voice – What’s the Difference?

Your brand voice is your North Star on a cloudless night. It helps customers pick your business from the sea of competitors and imbues your product or service with a personality. For example, Spur and Hussar Grill are both considered steak restaurants in South Africa; however, they each have a distinct voice that panders to the audience they’re targeting.

Your brand tone is a bit more subtle and is focused on how your message is conveyed. While your tone will stay consistent alongside your overall brand voice, it does change depending on the marketing channel you use. For example, how you communicate your latest promotion via your mailer may differ from your social media posts on Instagram. Tone also allows you to showcase your company’s adaptability.

Here are five quick reasons your company’s brand voice and tone are so important:

  • It reflects your brand’s personality
  • A well-researched and developed brand voice can speak directly to its target audience
  • It allows you to create consistent content which helps build trust with customers
  • Helps you stand out from the sea of competitors
  • If your message is coming from an authentic place, it can help you build a genuine connection with customers


Your brand voice and tone should work together to deliver a consistent message that reaches your target audience. When you have a consistent brand voice and tone, it shapes your customer’s experience. With this in mind, it’s vital that you understand who your customer is and what problem your attempting to solve.

At SOMS Digital Agency, we’re ready to help you reach your potential customers in more ways than one. Whether you’re looking to refine your brand voice, identity or digital marketing strategy, we’re ready to help your business reach new heights.

Originally posted 2023-04-13 08:44:20.

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